Local ​Sources of Air Pollution

Air pollution emissions are generated by three types of emission sources: Mobile, Area, and Point.

Mobile Sources

Mobile Sources are the leading source of air pollution in Mecklenburg County. This category includes vehicles and pieces of equipment that emit pollutants while driving or moving throughout Mecklenburg County.  Examples of Mobile Sources are on-road vehicles (cars, motorcycles, all types of trucks and buses) and non-road equipment (tractors, dozers, locomotives, boats, lawnmowers, mobile generators). 

Area Sources

This broad category includes several smaller sources that emit similar pollutants and are clustered together in one geographical area.  Examples of Area Sources include gas stations, dry cleaners, restaurants with char broilers or grills, open burning, and beneficial prescribed burns. 

Point Sources

Point sources release emissions from a smoke stack or vent, also known as a "point."  Examples of Point Sources include concrete plants, metal fabrication, chemical manufacturing, printing operations, autobody repair shops, petroleum bulk storage and dispensing facilities.  In Mecklenburg County, Point Source are the smallest source of air pollution.  Information concerning permitted point sources can be accessed online at: Air Quality Permit Database.

Air Pollution, Percent Contribution by Source Type
Mecklenburg County, 2020


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