North Carolina Advanced Clean Trucks Rulemaking

Air Quality Learning Station at First Ward Park

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality is collaborating with stakeholders in developing a proposed Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) program, ensuring zero-emission commercial trucks are available for purchase in North Carolina.  ACT will require manufacturers to sell an increasing percentage of zero-emission vehicles over time while providing flexibility, through credits, trading and other features, as segments of the market grow at different speeds. The sales targets would also drive investment in other zero-emission technologies including charging and fueling infrastructure. 

The ACT program will apply to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of at least 8,500 pounds, covering a variety of vehicles ranging from delivery vans, box trucks, garbage trucks and semi tractors. ACT would NOT apply to consumer passenger vehicles or off-road vehicles. The NCDEQ Advanced Clean Trucks website is a resource for up-to-date information on this rule-making.