Electric Lawn Equipment

Mowing your lawn for one hour with a gasoline-powered mower generates the same amount of pollution as driving your car for four hours! One tip to reduce air pollution is to switch to electric lawn equipment. 

Lawn equipment is considered a non-road mobile source of air pollution and is a contributor to ground level ozone. For more information about ground-level ozone and it's health impacts visit our Common Air Pollutants page.


Advantages of going electric

  • Save $$$ & time: Lower lifetime cost, less maintenance, & no need to buy fuel!

  • Much quieter and lower vibration than gas equipment 

  • Easy to start

  • Better for you; No more breathing in exhaust 

  • Better for the environment 


Visit your local hardware store to find electric lawn equipment to purchase. The California Air Resources Board has a page dedicated to different types and brands of zero emission lawn equipment that you can review before you purchase!


Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation grounds crews piloted two electric backpack blowers and two electric chainsaws for over three years and have been impressed with their performance. Learn more about switching to electric equipment locally! (Español).