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Mecklenburg County Air Quality is a "certified local air pollution program" acting as the State throughout Mecklenburg County, including incorporated areas. Our mission is to lead and assist Mecklenburg County towards meeting and maintaining compliance with the health based National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Address: 2145 Suttle Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28208 

Not sure who to call?  Start with our main number 704-336-5430

Get help with odor or dust concerns.

NameTitlePhone Number
Leslie RhodesAir Quality Director980-314-3366
Iesha PierceAdministrative Assistant980-314-3359
Permitting & Enforcement
NameTitlePhone Number
Jason RayfieldAQ Program Manager​980-314-3360
Aaron MatijowAQ Supervisor980-314-3351
Evan ShawAQ Supervisor980-314-3358
Angelique MillerAQ Specialist980-314-3367
Donna CavaliereSr. AQ Specialist980-314-3356
Katie StieningSr. AQ Specialist980-314-3371
Kennedy PettiesAQ Specialist980-314-3377
Mai VangAQ Specialist980-314-3353
Morgan SneadAQ Specialist980-314-3352
Sheila Murphy-HolmanOffice Assistant 980-314-3370
Stacy SlobodiukAQ Specialist980-314-3354
Mobile Sources
NameTitlePhone Number
Megan GreenAQ Program Manager980-314-3368
Lilliana SandovalAQ Specialist980-314-3369
Pedro Perez-RodriguezAQ Specialist980-314-3374
Sheldon TurnerAQ Specialist980-314-3362
Victoria (Tori) O'KeefeAQ Specialist980-314-3373
NameTitlePhone Number
Danielle JonesAQ Program Manager980-314-3355
Keith VorwaldAQ Specialist980-314-3361
Kevin DunhamSr. AQ Specialist980-314-3365
Kelly GrassSr. AQ Specialist980-314-3364
Suzanne​ HollenbeckSr. AQ Specialist980-314-3372
Kileigh WelshoferAQ Specialist980-314-3375

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