Monitoring station

Air Quality Data

Measuring the air quality of Mecklenburg County.

Mecklenburg County Air Quality maintains a network of real-time, federally-approved monitoring stations that measure the amount of pollution in our outdoor air. The data collected from the monitoring stations is used to generate an Air Quality Index value that allows county residents to make informed decisions to protect their health.

Current Air Quality

Disclaimer: This table reports the NowCast AQI.  The data has not been subjected to quality assurance/quality control review. These are only preliminary readings which are subject to change. Missing data may result from down time due to instrument maintenance, calibration, or malfunction.

Meteorological Data

Current Meterological Data
Temperature Pressure 
Precipitation Humidity 
Wind Speed & Direction Solar Radiation 

Visibility Camera

Current Conditions

Example of Good Conditions

AQ Camera Example of Good Air Quality, ​​​​​​​​Air Quality Permitting and Enforcement Forms

Visible Landmarks

AQ Camera Visible Landmarks, ​​​​​​​​Air Quality Permitting and Enforcement Forms

Interactive Map of Air Quality

Pollutant data is influenced by meteorological conditions

Disclaimer: This map shows current air quality (NowCast AQI) for Ozone or PM, whichever is highest. Due to processing time, this map may take longer to update than the dial.