​Heavy Duty Idle Reduction

Unnecessary idling wastes fuel, costs money, and pollutes the air!

That is why heavy-duty fleets are encouraged to eliminate unnecessary idling.  Idle Reduction Materials have been developed by Mecklenburg County Air Quality (MCAQ) to assist companies in creating an idle reduction plan and to encourage their vehicle operators to comply with company anti-idling practices.  The resources below are aimed at reducing unnecessary idling by heavy-duty vehicles. 

If you have any questions regarding idle reduction or if you would like to request  free 12" x 18" metal “Turn Off Your Engine” signs, please call 704-336-5430. 

For additional facts and frequently asked questions about idling, please visit the NC Division of Air Quality's Idle Reduction website or the Department of Energy's IdleBox Toolkit



Respond To An Idling Heavy-Duty Vehicle Letter

If you received a letter from MCAQ stating that your heavy-duty diesel vehicle was observed idling, use the link below to provide a response detailing actions taken.

Report An Excessive Idling Of Heavy-Duty Vehicle

To REPORT excessive idling of heavy-duty vehicles (more than five consecutive minutes in one hour) in Mecklenburg County, use the link below or call 311.  License plates on most vehicles are typically in the rear of the vehicle with company information and US DOT Number on the side.