Air Quality Trends

Monthly Ozone Update

Ground-level ozone season is March - October.  The following document details the maximum concentrations observed at each of the ozone monitors in the Charlotte Metrolina region and the number of days that exceed the federal, health-based standard for ground-level ozone.  This document is updated each month during ozone season and presented during the Air Quality Commission meeting. 

Monthly Ozone Summary (Updated 5/20/2024)

2023 Ozone Season Wrap Up

Review Air Quality Trends

Mecklenburg County overall ambient (outdoor) air quality continues to improve.  At the end of 2022, Mecklenburg County monitoring data continued to demonstrate compliance with all federal, health-based air quality standards. The following reports summarize the data trends over the last two decades. ​

Review National Air Quality trends in the EPA's Our Nation's Air 2023 Report.

Review Air Quality During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Get the Data!

Download local air quality data from the EPA's AirData website.

If you are unable to get the data needed on the EPA's site, please email Danielle Jones.