Air Quality Learning Station

The Air Quality Learning Station (AQLS) is a first-of-its-kind installation. It combines air monitoring technology with a solar-panel flower array to off-set the energy used. The purpose of the installation is to prompt visitors to think about air quality, a vital, but invisible, community resource. 

Air Quality Learning Station Data

The data below is unofficial.  The Air Quality Learning Station sensors are still being tested and calibrated.  Official, quality-assured data is available here.  

Learning Station Video (English)

Learning Station Video (Spanish)

Come Visit the AQLS!

The AQLS is located in First Ward Park. Reduce air pollution during your visit by using light rail (hop off at the 7th Street Station) or the new protected bike lanes to access the park! Before heading out, learn more about the pollutants that the AQLS measures: particulate matter and ozone.

Thank you to the North Carolina Division of Air Quality for sponsoring the AQLS.