Pay Air Quality Fees

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Online Payments

Mecklenburg County Air Quality now accepts online payments for annual administering invoices, NESHAP asbestos, registration,applications and penalties.

Payments can be made using a major credit card including Visa, Master Card or e-check.

American Express is not accepted at this time.

Note: ePayments are limited to the following maximum dollar amounts:


$5,000 when paying by credit card.

$30,000 when paying by e-check.

Fee Schedule (as of July 1, 2023)

Current Air Quality Fees
Facility CategoryPermit Application FeeAnnual Administering and Compliance Fees
Facility FeeActual Emission Fee/TPYNon-AttainmentAmbient Monitoring
Stage I/II24012060240300
Synthetic Minor9006,48060600300
GeneralGeneral 50% of the otherwise applicable fees. 
 New or Significant ModificationMinor ModificationFacility FeeActual Emission Fee/TPYNon-AttainmentAmbient Monitoring
Title V12,0001,20011,40060600300


Performance Testing600Submitted with the annual administering and compliance fee for each source test conducted the previous calendar year as listed in the fee invoice.
Administrative Change Permit Application120Submitted with the proper documentation for an ownership transfer, or change to a construction date, test date, monitoring range, or reporting procedure.
Model Review600Submitted with the application fee for any permit application that requires review of a model demonstration to determine compliance with MCAPCO Sections 2.1100 – “Control of Toxic Air Pollutants”
Variance Request240Submitted with the required variance documentation.
Burning Approval Inspection30Submitted with application to designated authority.