Environmental Assistance Resources

Office of Small Business Ombudsman

Hotline: 1-877-623-6748 The Ombudsman office is an independent, non-regulatory office within the NC Department of Environmental Quality.  It provides free technical assistance to small businesses on air quality and related environmental requirements.

Energy, Water & Waste Reduction Assistance

NC Department of Environmental Quality 1-877-623-6748 This technical assistance program provides non-regulatory on-site assessments to North Carolina business and public facilities.  

U.S. EPA Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse

1-202-260-1023 The clearinghouse provides technical, policy, programmatic, legislative, and financial information.  The PPIC also operates the pollution prevention electronic information exchange system (PIES) bulletin board, and maintains a telephone hotline for pollution prevention document orders and reference calls.

List of Environmental Consultants

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