Recently Issued Title V Permits

Recent Title V Permits

In accordance with Mecklenburg County Air Pollution Control Ordinance (MCAPCO) Regulation 1.5518 - "Final Action", Mecklenburg County Air Quality provides notice of Title V Air Quality Permits issued within the previous 12 months.

*There are none at this time.*

What is Title V?

In 1990, Title V was added to the Federal Clean Air Act requiring the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish a nationally enforceable operating permit program. Accordingly, the EPA passed regulations requiring each state or local permitting authority to develop and submit a federally enforceable facility operating permit program for EPA approval. Title V is intended to further facilitate and enhance air quality planning, emission controls, and compliance, and to improve existing emission inventories.

In addition to existing regulations, Title V provides for:

  • EPA veto authority over permit issuance

  • greater opportunity for federal and citizen enforcement

  • enhanced public participation during the permit issuance process

  • clearer determination of applicable requirements

  • improved enforceability of applicable requirements

  • enhanced public access to enforcement actions and emissions from Title V facilities